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Our events promote connection, growth, introspection and ultimate comfortability with a clever, artistic edge, and custom personalization of your ordinary and extraordinary experiences. Mindful Bloom promises an eye for design and taste for first class service and amenities while remaining mindful of budgets and giving you an event that will cultivate a truly incredible, lasting emotional experience.

Mindful Bloom Values

Founded by two creatively spirited women with a sharp eye for design, our mission is to create an experience that will awaken the five senses and bring a mindful presence to our clients’ most intimate occasions.

Where your vision meets the passion and expertise of two authentic, inclusive, and innovative professionals - We are two down-to-earth girls that love to enjoy life like it’s meant to be enjoyed and want to reflect that into every aspect of our business. Our dream is to elevate your thoughts and make your ideas come to life through invigorating experiences and events.

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Asia Saffold

From the ‘behind the scenes’ sports world to reality TV, I have been involved in extensive event planning as well as small, intimate experiences since 2012. After completing a BA in Exercise and Sport Science with a concentration in Sports Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I went on to collaborate with the St. Louis Sports Commission in hosting large-scale sporting events that came to the city. My responsibilities included curating events such as a fitness class and expo with the US Women’s Olympic Gymnastics Team.

In 2016 I moved to Los Angeles where reality television led me to develop my personal brand with the mission to empower women to live their best lives and be their most optimal selves.

This experience guided me to my passion centered on the innovation, connection, and community that comes from events and celebrations where women can lead with new tools, relationships, and a greater sense of purpose and excitement for life. My love language consists of human connections through experiences and I express my appreciation and love for people through celebration. I put a lot into producing memorable events that have a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

While the pandemic has most definitely changed the way we view those events and celebrations, it has inspired me to appreciate and create more in-home & small group experiences that have a big impact. My hope is to use ideas that take an ordinary situation and make it extraordinary. Whether it be your house, a rented Airbnb with family and friends, or an overseas villa, I want to transform the space and use it as a secret safe place for people to grow, heal, and be well.

As a consumer I was always on a mission to maximize my budget, truly make the most of it, and spend on things that were meaningful and lasting. It is now my mission to provide this to others.

My background and personal experience have led me to my passion in ensuring that each and every occasion I plan is not only memorable, but a true testament to the value of human love and connection.

Molline Boddy

With over 15 years of event production experience working in a myriad of  business avenues including entertainment, technology, healthcare, and hospitality, I have first hand knowledge of industry offerings, standards, and trends. I am professional, creative, flexible and understanding while truly striving to provide my clients and guests with the creme de la creme event experience. I take my clients vision and event goals to the top, all the way up, exceeding any “hey, what if…” ideas in order to inspire and spark joy to all those attending. I care about the ones I cater to as much (or more) the ones hosting the event, I believe my team is an extension of our client and I approach every moment with patience, love, and expert execution.
I was born in Sitka Alaska, I was raised in Medina, Washington, and I now reside in Santa Monica, CA. I come from a humble family of 7 (Irish, Roman Catholic’s) so this goes without saying… but I understand the virtue of hard work and I want to share my journey and passions with you all! Mindful Bloom’s productions will no doubt, speak volumes for themselves. Growing up in such a large family I feel I have the ability to connect and empathize with just about every personality type which is a huge win being in the event planning realm.
I am a natural born leader and have great delegation senses which allows me to make the most out of a my previous Director roles. I exercise these qualities not only when building up to an events start but on the soccer field as well. I earned a full ride scholarship playing Women’s soccer at Bellevue College while working part time as a Wedding planner in Ballard at the Shilshole Bay Beach Club. After nearly 6 years executing weddings and private parties on the weekends while planning the occasions throughout the work week, I started to really value my free time and work life balance… that being said, transitioning to corporate events gave me that flexibility and freedom. After college I spent a year with Amazon as a Project Manager designing new office layouts as part of the new Westlake building expansion, 2 years after at Marriott as the Director of Special Events managing the ballroom spaces, and 4 years proceeding at Microsoft as a Senior Event Planner dedicated to the CEO and owner of his private suite “The Great Room.” I certainly have a unique background in event planning as I offer both business and leisure event knowledge and skills, being a Certified Meeting Planner with a creative design upbringing I can confidently say I offer a competitive edge that most other corporate or party planners cant. 

I am confident in my own abilities, I know my expertise will take me to great places and I want to share my journey and skills with you!

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Chef Red Beard

The Bar Bank - Mixologist

Ka'Nita Glover

Interior Designer

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Crudo e Nudo - Chef

Brian Bornemann & Leena Culhane


"It was great to watch you work the other day on the beach. I'm the guy who came up and told you you're a real pro. I've never seen anyone set up an event that long and with that amount of precision and care. Really cool!"

Marko Papic

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